What’s your story?

Every good business has stories to tell – about customers, about purpose, about progress, about people. Great content brings it all to life.
Story-telling with a meaningful message helps businesses to reach customers directly and through the media – with marketing you are proud of, press stories you want to share, and great events captured through word, video and image.
Speak up and get connected.

How we help

Shaped and delivered two detailed annual member surveys (Bristol Media Barometer).
PR and ghost-writer for 2014 business book published by Capstone, a Wiley imprint. 4.3 stars on Amazon.
Support with events coverage and other content, as well as providing consultancy on the firm’s profile and strategy
A two-year PR campaign to raise awareness as this innovative law firm got established in Bristol and London
Special reports, feature journalism, newsletters, conference hosting
News editor for Computerworld UK in its startup phase, driving traffic through original content  and sharp news values
Content consultancy, event delivery, feature writing, interviews
Interim editor, events chairing, feature writing

Thinking and resources

Want to write a book?

Are you thinking seriously about getting a book written? Get in touch if you’d like some moral support and insight. It’s a wonderful creative process that needs stamina and more. We’ve ghost-written for others and have a book in development.

So who would write a book, and why?

If you are an expert of some description – a consultant, adviser, trainer or coach – then a business book could and probably should be on your agenda.

It will deliver commercially, too, in all likelihood, even if the main driver is because you’ve something to say.

What else? A book will sharpen your thinking, boost credibility (and your fees), has a long-term impact, will increase speaker opportunities, generate an income if marketed right and enhance your professional respect and visibility.